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Our mission is to provide cutting edge self-empowerment programs, primarily in prisons, that lay the groundwork for durable change.


Our vision is a community where there is a reduction in recidivism and relapse into addiction through programs which provide new ways of living that enable healing, and encourage spiritual and interpersonal insight and growth.

The Inner Connection is a non-profit organization developed by Maria Flaherty, LMT and Leslie Gray, LISW-S, to provde leading-edge healing and discovery programs for prison inmates seeking permanent life change.  These programs are "multi-modal" including breath work, experiential therapy, social connection, nutritional support, and various exercises to soothe and rewire a traumatized nervous system.  Added together, these colorful, clinical programs lay the groundwork for DURABLE CHANGE and real hope for new ways of living. 

The first of it's kind in the United States, the Reiki: Tools for Self Management began in 2007 and has now reached over 400 women in the Northeast Pre-Release Center correctional facility.  With growing results and enthusiasm, The Inner Connection added a Level II Reiki program,  EasyDoes it: Healthy Eating and Recovery in Motion.  These programs nourish and retrain a compromised nervous system that can quickly lead to relapse and re-offending despite the best of intentions.  Instead, these hands-on tools help effect clear thinking, emotional balance, and physical calmness needed to make different life choices.   

Our long-term vision is to build a prototype in Cleveland, Ohio, that can be used around the country for a new approach to rehabilitation during incarceration.  Often the core of repeat offense is a tenacious addiction that is a greased pole into crime as a means of survival.  It has been our experience that many inmates have a genuine and burning desire to live a different life and are hungry for tools, support, connection to safe people, inner strength, and a sense of purpose.  The Inner Connection was designed to answer this call. 



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